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Live in a purified space

A carefree air purifying experience
We provide one-stop air purification service from custom built air purifiers to installation.
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High effeiciency filters
Ensure ultimate purification in harsh environments
Deep filtration mechanism, using hydrophobic materials and nano-porous structure, to achieve efficient and low-resistance filtration effect.

Primary Efficiency filter

It can filter large particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, etc., with a blocking rate of more than 99.9%.

Carbon filter

Effectively remove formaldehyde,TVOC, foreign matters and micro-organism in the air. Keeping the air healthy and fresh.

H11 High Efficiency filter

HEPA is a kind of imported super clean filter paper. The purification rate of PM2.5 is over 99.7%. It has a strong filtering effect on particles, pollen, bacteria, etc. above 0.3um

Optical decomposition module

When pollutants and bacteria contact the surface of photocatalyst filter screen, chain degradation reaction will occur, so as to achieve the decomposition of harmful gas,odor removal, antibacterial effect. It achieves 99.99% killing rate of RNA virus H1N1 virus

Modular Hardware
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Highly modular design that utilize every inches of space
Ceiling type model, with flexible installation, it can be hidden or visible. It is adaptable to a variety of decorative design styles.
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Filtration efficiency
Umatched power efficiency
Coupled with the imported EC motor from EBM, which has low power consumption, the ultimate air purifying experience only need 200W to operate.
Quiet but powerful
Inside the air purifier is a German EBM fans which are long lasting, quiet and have large air volume. The wind outlet is at a uniform speed so as to increase the comfortless inside the environment.
IoT Automation
With iAir intelligent IoT management systems, the air purifier can be managed through computers and mobile phones anytime and anywhere. The product can adjust its gears or be on standby according to real-time monitoring data, set the operation log, automatically switch according to a preprogrammed plan, and reduce energy consumption.

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