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Hong Kong office
1901 Keen Hung Commercial Building,
80 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3488 8699
Beijing office
Shanghai office


1st client

We are so glad to have Apple as our first client. By using our air treatment solution, the health customers and employees can be safeguard by the reneact technologies by eliminating harmful substances floating in the air.

1st IAQ certification

With our air treatment soloution, we help Google to get an IAQ certification for their office. It demostrates the top-notch quality of our service.

New branch office

With the increaisng demand for our service. We opened a new branch office in Shanghai for clients' easier access to our service.

100 clients

EA becomes our 100th clients. It was a significant recognotion and milestones for Pure Sieving.

Expand to Hong Kong

In 2018, we hav expand our service to Hong Kong to benefit more people with our air quality solutions. We believe that everyone deserves living and working in a clean indoor environment.

1st client in Hong Kong

L'Oreal is our first Hong Kong client and use our air purification service.

1st client uses all IAQ solutions

Primavera, a well know global investment firm, use our air purification, air treatment and iaq monitoring solutions. As a result, they recieve the IAQ certification as an recognition of maintain a good IAQ environment.

The journey continues...

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