What we do?

Pure Sieving specializes in IAQ improvement solutions to protect the health of people. Our quality service turnkey comprehensive solutions.

Who is it for

We mainly focus on provideing IAQ solutions to commercial clients.

What you'll gain

Good IAQ is essential for creating a healthy and comfortable work environment, which can lead to increased productivity, better employee morale, and lower energy costs. Getting IAQ certifications can enhance corperate image as well.

Which solution works

We provide 4 main solutions. Learn more about the solutions and see what works for you.

4 main solutions

Air Purification

Solution 1

Live in a purified space

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Air Quality Treatment

Solution 2

Lights on. Shield activated. We ensure every surface you touch is bacteria-free

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IAQ monitoring system

Solution 3

Turn IAQ data into intuitive visuals

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Air purifier leasing

Solution 4

Add a short description to describe

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Our workflow

Project request & meeting

Request a project by clicking contact sales and filling the form. We will talk about your goals & needs, clarify questions and define the next steps in our initial meeting.



We wll give you the quotations, project details and the estimated duration we need to finish the project.


Site inspection

If you choose Air purification and IAQ treatment, we will come to your place and do comprehensive analysis in order to decide the details of the bespoke solution for you. We may also request some essentail info like floor plan from you.



When we finalized all the details, the project can be launched. A clean, purified workspace is waiting for you, your employees, and your customers.


Project request

By clicking Contact Sales and filling the form, it gives us an idea of what you're looking for and helps us determine if which solution are the best for your situation.


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Let's create a safe and clean workspace to improve the health for your employee or customers

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Our workflow
Learn more about our efficient workflow on how to make the clean air flow.
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